Creating Hybrid Semi-Trucks


Driving on the highway I observed the amount of wasted energy that a semi-truck produces.  This led me to invent and patent a hybrid system for commercial trucks.  In the last 90 years fuel economy for semi-trucks had improved from 4 miles per gallons to 6.5 miles per gallon.  I concluded that since there has been marginal improvement over the decades, then the means of those improvements are inadequate.  Therefore I looked at the whole picture and found the solution.

At DGG we have created a patented system that will raise the fuel economy and subsequently reduce CO2 emissions.  It will enable semi-trucks to be fully hybrid at not additional operation cost.  Our system can be retrofitted to medium and heavy duty trucks as well as incorporated to trucks during manufacturing. 

The trucking industry has been overlooked.  The hybrid technologies that are been offered to semi-trucks class 6, 7 and 8 are not tailored to them. Our system is the only system that can be applied to the 4 million trucks on the roads in the United States alone.