Competitive Advantage



Converting semi-trucks into hybrid vehicles is a new field that is relatively unexplored.  Presently there are partial systems that enable a truck to become a hybrid for a limited time.  Afterwards that batteries are exhausted, the trucks return to the use the combustible engine.  The other, and most common method of trying to raise the fuel economy is making the truck as aerodynamic as possible.  But lets face it, trucks are not very aerodynamically built. 

We at DGG have a system that will enable a truck to become fully hybrid.  It is a parallel systems, that will operate in conjunction with the trucks' combustible engine.  It will raise the fuel economy of fully loaded semi-truck from 6.5 to over 9.75 mpg. 


Currently there are no manufactures offering a product like ours.  The semi-truck industry is an untapped market that is ready to be developed.  We have the unique potential to dominate the market.  According to the last census of the department of transportation in 2011, there were 1.8 million semi-trucks on the roads in the USA.  At present time, there are more than ~2 million semi-trucks on the road in the USA.  The implication potential of this technology worldwide is even more staggering.